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We invite all the like minded entrepreneurs to help us with our efforts in becoming a zero impact swimwear brand.

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Our circular fashion movement

We believe that the plastic should be recycled again and again to keep the new plastic away from the environment. It is easy and cheap for plastic makers to mix the petroleum to make the new plastics. But if we practice buying only recycled plastic products, there is no way the new plastic is going to find the way in.

As a brand we are determined to do the right thing. Though we are in the process of working around it, We are aiming to take your costume back from you once you decide that you have worn it enough or it is worn out. We are aiming to either repair or revamp them and give it back to you so you could wear another season or we will get them re-cycled back again into plastic chips or other products, Once we have one tonne (1000kgs = heaps of swimwear ) collected every time. Meantime though this is at the discussions with potential recycling facilities we welcome anyone in this capacity to join hands with us.

Our goals are too big to achieve but with the right group of people backing us we have no doubt that we could do this together. Below are in the planning and please ( we reiterate ) to contact us so we can work together.

The list of like minded people we are looking for for now

  1. If you are an artist who would like to test different medium to try creating artworks we would be happy to give you the shavings of the fabrics that comes cut from the sewing machines, so we don’t dump it in the bins.

  2. If you are a home based kids clothing business who does appliques , we would love to give you the off cuts of fabrics when we cut our costumes.

  3. If you are a creative who makes hair accessories or any wearables with fabric pieces , we would love to give you the off cuts.

We would love to hear from you if you have other ideas so we can reduce the impact even while we are recycling plastic. 

Thank you