Our story of becoming an Eco friendly Swimwear brand

Born in the amidst of Covid-19 in April 2020, Peppermint Pebbles swimwear is the true outcome of a nature lover, living in the South coast of New South wales, Australia, trying to do the right thing by the Beautiful Ocean that connects us to the rest of the world. It is a blessing to be able to live so close to the ocean while it is heart breaking too to see the impact that we all make as humans to the most beautiful nature.

Peppermint Pebbles is a simple thought that changed the whole concept for better for the environment.

Just traveling though the region in February 2020, seeing how the bush fire effected area is coming back to life. Trees becoming green and the noise of birds back to its happy chirping, and seeing few Roos running though the trees and the beaches clean of ash. Like a miracle, Just after 3 months the place is beautiful again. While heading home, pulled over to the side of the road taking pictures of this beautiful wonder, I realized that the universe looks after it self if we give it a chance that we don’t weigh it with artificial things that leaves damage for years that nature cannot fight back.

It was like a call from the nature, asking for help. A beginning of our story.

That day, though is not long ago changed my way of thinking and how I would want to live the rest of my life. It took very little time to figure out the worst impact on earth now and years to comes is the outcome of everyday Plastic we use.

I promised myself not to use Plastic. At least to the extent of not using New plastic at all. But recycled plastics where I must. The impact of plastic is so much I cried just reading through the pages of plastic in our oceans. All the effects of how we would lose most of the beautiful creatures even before the plastic would even start to break down.

Plastic waste creates a toxic environment to countless marine animals, fish, plants, reefs, and shorebirds. Currently only 1 of 5 plastic bottles is recycled with the remaining 4 being improperly disposed of, which often end up in lakes and oceans.

I had my Brand already developed with Nylon/ Lycra fabrics ready to launch in 2020, But decided to scrap the idea completely and change it for the better for the environment, Although it Cost me a lot (specially for a start up) I’ve decided Purchasing of New Fabrics, Labeling and packaging.

Due to Covid-19, We decided to keep the manufacturing local too.

Peppermint Pebbles uses the fabrics made out of plastic bottles picked up from the Oceans, Even the packaging is 100% recycled materials. Just by adopting a little change in life with little effort we all can help one fish or one turtle at a time.

It was not a secret that we should have acted earlier, but still not too late to save our home, the Earth, the environment, the air that we breath, the oceans we swim and cherish all the living. We are well equipped with social media now not like decades ago and it is time we stop this for ever.

Lastly I will leave you with a song that references the detrimental impact of acid rain, unsafe drinking water, the hole in the ozone layer, Ocean trash, and Deforestation.

In this 1990 song the Alabama reminded us that we have to preserve the air, forests, and the oceans so that our children can enjoy them.

So let’s leave some blue up above us

Let’s leave some green on the ground

It’s only ours to borrow, let’s save some for tomorrow

Leave it and pass it on down.

30 years later in 2020 can we say we have done enough?