Why we want to be a sustainable swimwear brand?

Because It’s no secret that the Clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, standing after the oil Industry. Major part contributing to water pollution, carbon waste, landfill etc., etc., And we are determined that we want to be a zero impact swimwear brand to the best or closest we can.

Though we cannot do much in all areas that contributes to pollution as a brand ,we take Plastic as the main culprit and Ocean trash as a huge problem. It is not an easy thing to take in when you learn that by 2050 that there would be more plastic in the ocean than the fish. Imagine if we get surrounded like that. It’s a mass area that as humans we will destroy if we don’t do anything about it. The brand is a movement and a way of tackling plastic getting in to the ocean because we care for the Oceans, the Nature and all living surrounded.

Trivia – Did you know that plastic washes into the Oceans kills 1.1 million marine lives annually? Painful reality.

Here’s how we are starting our process. Sustainability is a journey we will go all the way for a better tomorrow.

FABRICS – We are using fabrics made with REPREVE®

REPREVE® is certified with below global standards and we are proud to have partnered with them and we value their efforts in keeping the oceans clean and supporting us in this journey.

We are not just using fabric made with recycled plastic but our outer fabric is truly made with recycled plastic bottles collected from oceans and waterway. Unifi is the organization behind the massive cause working towards reducing the plastic pollution in the oceans, and we are happy to be in this journey with them.

Our Eco Friendly Approach My Cms
Our Eco Friendly Approach My Cms
Our Eco Friendly Approach My Cms

HARDWARES & TRIMMINGS – We try to avoid hardware as much as possible just so you have a long lasting swimwear because we know that the fabric performs and the styles are timeless. But when we use any, its all regenerated metal, recycled plastic or Organic items such as wooden or coconut shell trims. Even our Hygiene strips are made of food waste.

PACKAGING – We are using all recycled hang tags and Eco friendly packaging and organic ties. while we try to re-use everyday packaging items into good use, which will help us reduce the carbon emission and use of energy in the recycling process of these once used items. Our posting bags are made of food waste too that’s bio-gradable in days.

BEING ETHICAL – We manufacture all our swimwear in the South Coast of NSW Australia. We have partnered with the most talented team along with our designer working closely in every step of the way. We are proud that the whole manufacturing  process happens in Australia, creating a friendly space for the locals of Jervis bay to work while we care for each other.