Arugam Bay new collection cover

Arugam Bay

Swimwear collection 2023

Showcasing a gorgeous collection of Eco friendly swimsuits and bikinis, This New Collection “Arugam Bay” celebrates freedom. The freedom after a pandemic, The time blessed upon us to be out and about. Enjoying the Sun and the beaches, go on the beach holidays that we missed. It is truly a celebration. And surely time to celebrate us, the women. The new collection is to embrace the female body with a variety of styles and cuts, this collection celebrates the diversity of female body types. & shapes. Designed to make women of all ages feel comfortable, sexy, and confident this summer, 

This Beautiful Gum leaf design is exclusively designed and printed for our new collection. Inspired by the gum trees and the leaves they shed as the winter closes in preparing for another wonderful change in the atmosphere, signaling to us that it is time to be ready for the change. Now the change is here and we are ready for summer wearing nature closest to our skin with the Gum leaf.

Girl wearing a full swimwear by peppermint pebbles
Girl wearing one piece from peppermint pebbles

We’re all equal before a wave

The differences would be how we approach the oceans. To surf or swim or just lay down taking in the sun. If we all could be a little bit more concerned about what we carry to the beach and not pollute. Let’s start to be the ones that care going forward.

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Arugam Bay

A place you will keep going back to if you have ever been there once.

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is known as a Surfer’s paradise and one of the best beaches in the world that you would have to visit at least once in your lifetime. With a famous National park as its neighbor, Arugam Bay is surrounded by loads of wildlife including lots of elephants. Boasts bigger swells and a happening place where every surfer rides a magnificent wave and that hosts the biggest surfing events in the world. 

But Sri Lanka is in dire straights right now therefore the new collection is named, to make awareness of the place and help tourism. And a donation of $2 of each sale from this collection is donated to people in Sri Lanka. 

Freedom in the world of floating flowers

Floating flowers, the print to showcase and appreciate the freedom after the pandemic. The white represents the cleaner atmosphere we got thanks to less pollution. pink flowers are us coming out to the other end strong while the grey shadows are for the ones lost along the way but keeping close to our hearts,

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Staying on the path with Stripes

Stripes to show that we all fit in well together. Size or color wouldn’t matter as long as we care. Let’s go into the new world with a true mission to stop pollution in our oceans.

Navy Orchids

This beautiful pattern is exclusively designed and printed for Peppermint Pebbles Latest Collection “Arugam Bay”. The flowers in the greyish navy background symbolize the oceans that need help to reduce pollution. A reminder is never wasted again and again for a greater cause. 

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